Peace of mind for your piece of the world!


Home Watch Pro carries out a visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.  Home Watch is an emerging industry in Australia as more home and property owners who are away from their premises realise that an unoccupied home or property could become victim to any number of problems such as water leaks, mould, pest invasions, squatters, vandalism or theft.  

We are not house sitters but rather serve as your advocate for your most valuable possession while you are away.  House sitting is the practice whereby a person leaving their house entrusts it to one ore more house sitters or home sitters, who are permitted to live or stay in the property at no cost.  Home Watch Pro offers regular visits without the intrusion of somebody living in your personal space.


You need an advocate who will look after your home in your absence to make sure everything is in good condition.

Some of the situations home watch service providers come across;

  • Water leaks and damage from an ongoing leak
  • Mould growth indoor or outdoor
  • Pest and rodent infestation
  • Broken down Fridge/Freezer
  • Accidental breaks in doors and windows, breaching the security of your home
  • Criminal break-ins and deliberate property damage
  • Squatters
  • Major weather events causing damage such as Bushfire, cyclone, flood, fallen trees and power disruptions


Our services are suited for any home or property owner, grey nomad, probate lawyer, estate administrator, property manager, real estate agent, foreign investor, military personnel on deployment, or funeral directors with clients who have an unoccupied home or property to manage.

An example of a home owner using our service would be going on holiday and wanting someone to check on their property while they are gone.  While you are away, we will check your property to make sure appliances are off, there are no water leaks, doors and windows are locked, just to name a few.  Having a service that regularly makes visits to the home offers peace of mind for a homeowner.

When a home or property owner uses our service, there is no need to worry!  We are your advocate while you are away from your home.  We will physically visit your property on a regular basis to carry out our tasks such as checking that your home is secure with all doors and windows locked, checking for water leaks, and checking for mould growth.  We will also complete your requested services such as collecting the mail and flyers that have been left behind, bringing in the bins, and watering the plants.

Once the home watch visit has been completed, you will be emailed a GPS stamped report notifying you of any concerns.  If there are any issues that need to be addressed, as your advocate, we will work with you to get the issues resolved.

We offer additional concierge services that can be discussed during your consultation.  Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.


Home Watch Pro has only your best interest at heart.

We offer peace of mind for your piece of the world!

We are your advocate, your trusted professional.  In any situation we are there to act on your behalf, following your directions and decisions.

Home watch is not a security service. It does, however, add a level of security to the property because there is a person in the home on a regular basis.

Unlike a house sitter, we are not seeking out free accomodation. Unlike a friendly and curious neighbour, we will not snoop through your belongings. Your home is our number one priority.  For us there is no conflict of interest as we are there purely for you!

We are your uninterrupted line of communication between you and your property.

Home Watch Pro is certified by the industry leader, The National Home Watch Association​.

This is what we do, all day everyday!  We are professionals at providing home watch services.

We have passed criminal background checks so your property is secure in our hands.  We are insured and licensed.

We have undertaken certification training through The National Home Watch Association (NHWA) which puts us in the top 37% of home watch service providers.

Members of The NHWA represent the Gold Standard in the home watch profession and we are proud of our membership in the NHWA.

Home Watch Pro is Insured!

Without Insurance, you as the absentee homeowner are completely exposed to damage to your property, injuries to people on your property, and any lawsuits that arise from them, including when a helpful neighbour, friend or relative pops by. 

Home Watch Pro is fully insured to limit your liability and exposure to these risks.

Home Watch Pro follows Best Practices and Code of Ethics

We adhere to the NHWA’s Code of Ethics and have a commitment to the NHWA’s Mission Statement.

We always look out for the client’s best interest, look to improve on existing industry standards and act with honesty and integrity in our business dealings.


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